Lebanon Militias - Palestinian National Salvation Front (PNSF)

- Erwin Sablon & Karim Van Overmeire


At the end of the '60, radical marxist groups start to split of from Fatah. These groups prefer international terrorism above the guerilla war against Israel. They also have no reservations about interfering in the internal politics of their host countries (Jordan, Lebanon,...). Where Fatah under the leadership of Arafat stays relatively independent, the radical palestinians are almost always under the influence of one or another "progressif" arab regime : Syria, Irak, Yemen, Libia,...

The most important organisations inside the PLO, except for Fatah and the PLA :

Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP):
Founded and under leadership of the christian Dr. George Habbash. The most important organisation in the PLO after Fatah. Marxist and Pan-arabic. Under Syrian influence.
Strength in Lebanon : 3000.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP):
Leader: Nayif Hawatmeh. Marxist. Much importance is given to ideology. Is relatively independent of the other arab regimes.
Strength in Lebanon : 1000.

Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine - Central Commando (PFLP-GC):
Leader : Ahmed Jibril. Very strong ties with Syria.
Strength in Lebanon : 800.

As Saiqa ("Ligthning Bolt"):
Leader : Assam Al-Qadhi. This organisation are the armed forces of the Palestinian wing of the Syrian Baath party and is completely under Syrian control.
Strength in Lebanon : 1300.

Popular Struggle Front (PSF):
Strength in Lebanon : 600.

Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF):
Leader : Abu al-Abbas. Somewhere between Arafat and Syria. Most important operation : Hijacking of the ship "Achille Lauro".
Strength in Lebanon : 500.

Arab Liberation Front (ALF):
Leader : Abd al-Rahim Ahmad. Pro-Irak and anti Syria.
Strength in Lebanon : 400.

Armament 1982-1984

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